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Help For Grandparents

Peter and Paul Associates Solicitors recognise that grandparents play an important role in their children's lives.

If you are having difficulties seeing your grandchildren and building a relationship with them then contact us at;


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We work collaboratively with organisations and charities, such as:

Grandparents Apart Wales

Grandparents Apart Wales supports a Charter for Grandchildren as a guide for everyone; especially professionals like social services to look more closely at the role grandparents can play in their grandchildren’s lives instead of treating them as irrelevant persons. We wish children to live in a stable home environment and prevent them going into care or to strangers. It has been proven that too many children brought up in care are the non-achievers turning to gangs and crime because of the lack of family in their lives.

In July 2009, we petitioned the Assembly of Wales for A Charter for Grandchildren and in the four and a half years since, we have made many strides forward yet we still have children being denied access to their grandparents and both suffering the consequences of that alienation.

Grandparent Plus

In a recent report published by Grandparents Plus, it suggested that there were estimated to be in excess of 13million grandparents in Britain. The report found that the role grandparents played in looking after their grandchildren was “vital”, with 63% of those surveyed admitting to looking after their grandchildren on a regular basis.

There are a number of reasons that this could be the case. A working parent, for example, may find childcare costs to be prohibitive. With a number of grandparents retired from work, they would have more time available to spend looking after their grandchildren which may be in the best interest of the family.

Astonishingly, 43% of children aged under five whose mother works have some care provided by their grandparents (only dropping 1% for children between five and ten years of age).

The value of the childcare provided by grandparents has been estimated historically by Age Concern at nearly £4 billion per year – and that figure could be substantially higher today. It has a vital affect on the economy, often enabling a parent to go out to work.

The responsibility of the modern day grandparent is not limited to just the caring role. They also play a huge function financially too. This can take a number of forms including day to day financial assistance; setting money aside to help grandchildren get on the property ladder and tax planning by use of generation skipping when considering inheritances.

Having established such a positive bond between grandparent and grandchild, it is equally striking that an estimate by the Grandparent Association in 2009 suggested that 1 million grandchildren then lose contact with their grandparents as a result of divorce or separation. The Department for Children, Schools and Families reported in 2008 that whilst six in ten paternal grandparents describe themselves as “very close” to their grandchildren before separation, that figure drops to three in ten after separation. In our view, the number of grandparents being denied the opportunity to be involved in their grandchildrens lives is nothing short of a national scandal.

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